Future Lives is a not- for- profit organisation, dedicated to improving the lives of children who are unwillingly caught up in conflicts around the world and who are forced to flee from their homes to safety; forgoing an education, basic healthcare and, sometimes, a family in order to do so. Too many children are arriving in Europe without necessities and we want to help, either by finding shelter, reuniting families and aiding children with asylum applications, to allow them to live with family members who are settled in European countries.

We want to provide these children with the best quality of life possible before they are able to return back to their homes, should they wish to do so, after the wars have ended. And we know what we are doing. One of our charity’s main board members is Rima Ahmadi, a former child refugee who managed to escape the crisis in Syria with her younger brother, and now wants to help  others that are going through the same situation that she experienced.

Our ultimate goal is to have no more child refugees left- we want everybody to be able to live in a stable world, however that goal seems far off. With your help, though, we can make the path towards that goal less difficult. Every donation goes towards food, shelter or an education for child refugees, and even a donation as small as £1 can go towards making a huge difference.

Thank you for giving whatever you can.