Time Magazine Article

Our valued ambassador, Rima Ahmadi, has had her work with Future Lives recognised, and has been chosen to appear on the front cover of Time magazine as a representative for both the millions of refugees fleeing conflict in their home countries and seeking stability where they are able and for the charities wanting to provide as much aid and security as possible.

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Meet Rima Ahmadi

In the spring of 2014, Rima Ahmadi’s parents were forced to come to the same decision that hundreds of thousands of other families had come to; they had to flee their war-torn home country of Syria and embark on the deadly journey towards Europe. They packed their essentials and set off towards what they hoped would be their salvation. They managed to get into Turkey and spent three weeks walking across the country to reach the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. There, Rima’s father gave a group of traffickers the majority of his family’s savings to secure them a passage across to Greece.

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Why Shouldn’t You Donate?

Don’t be told why you should donate to a charity, this is why you shouldn’t donate.

You shouldn’t donate because your next coffee is more important than a child’s first hot meal in weeks.

You shouldn’t donate because that movie is more important than educational tools for a child who hasn’t been able to learn.

You shouldn’t donate because that meal out is more important than a child’s vital healthcare.

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